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However, for simplicity, only the periodically performed steps are presented here.Thus, since a fundamental aspect of the present disclosure is to use a plurality MS location techniques for generating location estimates and to analyze the generated estimates (likely after being adjusted) to detect patterns of convergence or clustering among the estimates, even large MS location area estimates are useful.This calculation is performed by retrieving information from the area characteristics data base 1450 (e.g., FIGS. 6 and 7 ).For example, if the difference between a previous (most likely) location estimate of a target MS and a location estimate by a current location hypothesis requires the MS to.

Thus, embodiments of the present disclosure may be modular and extensible such that, for example, (and importantly) different first order models 1224 may be utilized depending on the signal transmission characteristics of the geographic region serviced by an embodiment of the present disclosure.That is, one or more location hypotheses may be generated having target MS 140 location estimates that cover an area having the likely area type wherein the target MS 140 is located.Moreover, such cells should be sized so that each cell has an area approximately the size of the maximum degree of location precision desired.Note that interpolation routines (e.g., conventional algorithms such as Lagrange or Newton polynomials) may be used to determine an equation that approximates a target MS path corresponding to a currently active location hypothesis.In the larger saloons, beautiful and well dressed women dealt out the cards, or turned the roulette wheel, while lascivious pictures hung on the walls.

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The genetic algorithm utilized herein is included in the form of pseudo code in APPENDIX B.

For example, in one embodiment of the present disclosure, such environmental characteristics are accounted for by utilizing a transmission area type scheme (as discussed in section 5.9 above) when adjusting confidence values of location hypotheses.Note that the two signal measurements RRSS BS and SRSS MS can now be processed in a variety of ways to achieve a more robust correlation with distance or shadow fading.This is one embodiment that essentially nulls noise completely, even if strong and recurring, as long as that same noise characteristic does not occur in the opposite path.Details regarding the implementation of these functions are provided in APPENDIX D.For example, if the deadreckoning MBS location estimator 1544 indicates that the MBS 148 is moving in a northerly direction, then the street snapped to should be a north-south running street.In particular, the signal data measurements are ensembles of samples from the wireless signals received from the target MS by the base station infrastructure, wherein these samples are subsequently filtered using analog and digital spectral filtering.Method and apparatus of providing street view data of a real estate property US9317867 23 fev. 2015 19 abr. 2016 Apple Inc.It is worth noting that it is believed that base station 122 power levels will be substantially constant.

Further, during communication with a mobile station 140, the identification of each base station 122 communicating with the MS 140 as well, as any sector identification information, may be known and provided to the location center 142.Moreover, the detailed description for this program is provided with the description of the historical location reasoner hereinbelow for completeness.

In particular, the difference in the detection states of the discrete ANN inputs between the two transmission power levels may provide useful additional information for more accurately estimating a location of a target MS.In providing these activities using CDMA, the MBS 148 provides a forward link pilot channel for a target MS 140, and subsequently receives unique BS pilot strength measurements from the MS 140.Consequently (referring to FIG. 13 ), synchronization records 1790 (having at least a 1790 b portion, and in some cases also having a 1790 a portion) may be provided for updating each location track with a new MBS location estimate as a new track head.Details regarding the use of area types for adjusting the confidences of location hypotheses and provided hereinbelow, and in particular, in APPENDIX D.Various organisations can offer support, assistance and counselling for people who have gambling problems.

A UNIVERSAL FORMAT FOR ARCHIVAL TAPE I,. contents cannot be identified with reasonable certainty,. forced to play a kind of copying roulette to try to keep the.Thus, in some subareas of the coverage area 120, location signature data from five or more base stations (antenna sectors) may be used, whereas in other subareas three (or less) may be used.In one embodiment, the adaptation engine 1382 includes an embodiment of a genetic algorithm as the mechanism for modifying the system parameters.Meadow Wireless internet-accessible drive-by street view system and method US8588097 20 abr. 2011 19 nov. 2013 Google Inc.For example, less than 1 second response for a mobile station location embodiment of the present disclosure may be desired for 911 emergency response location requests.Additionally, the context adjuster may also satisfy the following criteria.Note that this may be especially useful in locating stolen vehicles that have embedded wireless location transceivers (MSs 140 ), wherein appropriate wireless signal measurements can be provided to the location center 142.

Note that the estimated loc sigs are determined using verified location signatures in the Location Signature data base.That is, it is an aspect of the present disclosure to be extensible so that other environmental factors of the coverage area 120 affecting the accuracy of location hypotheses may also be incorporated into the context adjuster 1326.More precisely, this functional group allows embodiments of the present disclosure to adapt by tuning or optimizing certain system parameters according to location engine 139 location estimate accuracy and reliability.Get this from a library! Yearn for certainty. [William Hooker, (Drummer); David Soldier; William Hooker Trio,].Random loc sigs are obtained, for example, from verifying a previously unknown target MS location once the MS 140 has been located.For example, for some MSs 140 there may be an associated or dedicated device for each such MS that allows the MS to function as a cordless phone to a line based telephone network when the device detects that the MS is within signaling range.The 1987 Treaty between the United States of America and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics on the Elimination of their Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range.For example, the FOMs may be object methods on an MS location estimator object, wherein the estimator object receives substantially all target MS location signal data output by the signal filtering subsystem.Since each location hypothesis includes both an MS location area estimate and a corresponding confidence value indicating a perceived confidence or likelihood of the target MS being within the corresponding location area estimate, there is a monotonic relationship between MS location area estimates and confidence values.

Free Space Path Loss (L p ) Slow fading loss or margin (L slow ) Fast fading loss or margin (L fast ).From the BS 122 perspective, it is preferred that the strongest first four CDMA delay spread fingers and the mobile station power level be collected and sent to the location system 42, for each of preferably three BSs 122 which can detect the mobile station 140.

Such parameters can be used as weighting factors that influences the degree the system optimizes for accuracy versus network compactness.An embodiment of the present disclosure employs a number of distinctly different location computational models for location which provides a greater degree of accuracy, robustness and versatility than is possible with existing systems.Further, by providing each location base station (LBS) with a co-located stationary wireless transceiver (denoted a built-in MS above) having similar functionality to an MS, the following advantages are provided.Accordingly, to accomplish a tuning of such system parameters, an adaptation engine is included in at least one embodiment of the present disclosure for automatically adjusting or tuning parameters used.Each CDMA signal corresponds to an unambiguous pseudorandom binary sequence for modulating the carrier signal throughout a predetermined spectrum of bandwidth frequencies.However, as the population density increases and the radio signaling environment becomes cluttered by, for example, thermal noise and multipath, additional or alternative FOMs may be transferred via the network to the location center for the municipality.Note that in computing the most likely target MS location estimate a plurality of location hypotheses may be taken into account.THE INDEFECTIBILITY OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. (lib. 4 de loc.,. We know with absolute certainty that He will fulfill His promises.